This is about Firestar and Flamestar forrbeinded love between to rivily clans.

I hope you like it.


Firestar was on border patrol with her best friends Blazeheart and Snowear. They were heading for FlameClan border. They had a battle a moon ago no one died, just scars and wounds.

They split up, she came up towards the oak tree and the holly bush, when she saw Flamestar.

She growled, "You are post to be with your clan Flamestar."

Flamestar mewed, "Oh, Firestar I love you when your angery at me."

Firestar was confused, "How can you be in love with me."

Flamestar mewed in a deep voice, "Remember when we first met, we were only 6 moons old."

She nodded, "Yeah I remember, before we became enemys."

She left with to find her patrol.