This is about Snowstar and his life with many words. He knows about the furture he will find out if any cat will be kill in Dark Maroon Great battle. He's been with so many lost in his life.


Snowwhisker was lieing next to his sister Firestar leader of FireClan. Few days earlier there was a great battle with ShinyClan. He was a good deputy never lies. His mate Shinystar was at the battle he did not like what she was like now evil. A she-cat he knew before may be gone.

Blazencurl mewed, "Snowwhisker ShinyClan border is going off easy again." That was his best friend in the world, he knows about he and Shinystar.

Snowwhisker was at the first ever gathering it was going to be a bad one he knows it, he got a feeling this is a bad for there first gathering.

Snowwhisker mewed, "So who is going to the gathering."

She told him Blazencurl, Flameear, Soulsoon and Sleepzone.

He nodded he knew Greenfur will be going also. Some cats are still injure to go so they are not going.

Snowwhisker watch the sky no clouds, no sign of sun at all and no sign of life in the sky.

He knows that cats could be already at the gathering when they get there. When he saw snow at his feet. Snowwhisker thought, "Could it be Leaf-Bare already."

Firestar mewed, "Brother what happen here. Snow it never snows here remeber Snowwhisker."