About SharpClanEdit

SharpClan: equivelent to ShadowClan

Personallity: Proud, Fierce and overly protective. It is said that the cold north wind blows over them and chills their hearts.

Prey: anything they can find. Crow-food, Frogs, Mice, Whatever!

Founding leader: Darkstar

Tour of CampEdit

Tour of TerrriotyEdit

SharpClan lives in a marshy territory filled with Pine trees. A carrionplace is located inside their territoy. Their borders are thunderpathes, one bordering MossClan and one bordering HawkClan, and Fivetrees. marsh and pine forest stretches beyond the last border.

The forest and it's five clans (MossClan, RushClan, SharpClan, SwiftClan, HawkClan.) are isolated from any other clans. They meet in truce during the full moon at Fivetrees.

Tour of Dens.Edit


Own byEdit

Own and roleplay by Wildwindstar.



Darkstar: Dark gray tom with cold, ice-blue eyes. Self-centered, Short-Tempered and Selfish. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.


Midnightcrow: Black she-cat with amber eyes. Warm-hearted. Forcibly Darkstar's mate. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Apprentice Sunsetpaw

Medcine cat:Edit

Silvershade Drop dead gorgeous silver-black she-cat with amazingly brilliant amber eyes. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Apprentice Crowpaw


Crowpaw:black tom with brown eyes, sharp claws, blue paws, red mark on its head. Funny, smart, cheerful, kind, sweet and wonderful. Brother to Sunsetpaw. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.






Former MembersEdit

RPG centerEdit

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